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We currently host 4500+ high quality fansites and growing. Browse through our fansites and see if there is one on your favourite celebrity.

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We currently host 4500+ high quality fansites and growing. Browse through our fansites and see if there is one on your favourite celebrity.

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What do we host?

We specialise in providing free hosting for all types of fan sites. We are happy to host fan sites that are related to celebrities, TV shows, movies, and books. Others are also accepted on a case-by-case basis.

Why choose Starszz?

  • Fast powerful servers(Quad Core Xeon, 32GB RAM)
  • Supportive environment (assistance is always available)
  • Friendly atmosphere (helpful hostees)
  • Full backups (your data and hard work is safe)

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What we offer

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The best support
The best support

As a Starszz hostee you receive the best support out there for your fansite, we have very knowledgeable and experienced moderators and members to help you with running your fansite.

Free Domains
Free Domains

All current and new hostees will now receive a free domain name.

If you are hosted by StarsZZ, you instantly qualify. No catches. No gimmicks. Just free domain names for all.

Free fansite themes
Free fansite themes

Our very talented designers have graciously donated free WordPress & Coppermine themes for Starszz hostees, another plus for joining our network!

top of the line servers
top of the line servers

Our servers all have 24 cores, 32 GB RAM, 99% up time, Hardware RAID-1 for redundancy. Nuff said!

media hosting
media hosting

We allow you to host YouTube clone scripts such as PhpMotion, we have the servers that can handle this type of media.

site transfers
site transfers

We will help you transfer your site from your host over to us, free of charge 😉

Webmaster Testimonials

Check out what our webmasters say about Starszz Hosting.

Starszz is the best free fansite hosting I have ever seen! They give your site a lot of space to grow and if you ever have a question just ask in the support forums and you'll get help. Since 2009 ...Read more

Starszz is one of the best and reliable free fansite hosts on the world wide web. From the five years I have been hosted with them, I can honestly say that they have never let me down. Starszz has one ...Read more

Starszz is the best free fansite hosting I have ever seen, I tried a lot of free fansite hosting but Starszz is the one, they have friendly support, they help you with things that are not related with the host ...Read more

I have been with many free fansite hosts over the years and Starszz is the most reliable I've been with. I have been hosted with Starszz since 2009 and will continue to use them. I love how they take care ...Read more

Starszz is amazing hosting site. I have had sites hosted there since 2008 and I couldn't be happier with the services. At the forum are so many amazing people and so many helpful members, so if you ever need any ...Read more

Starszz is the best fansite host I have ever used. They are reliable and are always there for you. There is a great community in the forums and everyone is there to help you when you need it. The support ...Read more

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